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  • There are four major aspacts of tobacco addiction.
  • 1) Taste : Addicts are Brand Loyal.
  • 2) Kick : After consumptions they get toxic chemical high and then
  • 3) Craving : Because of chemical dependency makes physiological and psychological changes if they do not get it they get anxious and restless.
  • 4) Anxiety : They need out side toxins again and again to neutralize antitoxins produced by body as self defense mechanism to counter them.

    Rid-tobak Changes taste of tobacco products make them unpleasant and dislike. Rid-tobak reduces Cravings (Fix associated) for tobacco products.Most addicts continue the habit till they suffer from life threatening disease or conditions.
  • Females who are non addicted do not like and are also worried about the side effects of the addicted members in the family.
  • Every addict knows tobacco addiction kills, but they are unable to stop.
  • Rid-tobak Endorsed by Leading Head and Neck Cancer Surgeons across India.
  • The first product can be administered to edibles addict without motivation or informing them
  • Research papers on clinical trials of Ridtobak on 610 tobacco addicts were presented at World Assembly on Tobacco Counters Health (2000 Dec-2007).
  • In Short term clinical trials Rid-tobak has proven the efficacy and safety of Rid-tobak.
  • 100% Herbal Free from Nicotine
  • Non addictive Rid-tobak
  • Helps to stop tobacco naturally
  • Non toxic
  • Rid-tobak is endorsed by Malaysian Food and Safety Standards.
  • Unknown poison screening test by Poison Center Malaysia Results it contains no poison.
  • Rid-tobak is endorsed by leading and internationally known Head and Neck Cancer Research Surgeons across India associated with many Government and non Government cancer research Institutes.
  • Rid-tobak helps To Stop Bidi, Cigarette, Snuff, Gutkha, Mawa masala, Chewing Tobacco, Niotine Chewing Gum (NRT) Habit.
  • Ingredients : Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Jai, Shankhpushpi, Tulsi, Bhringraj, Safed Musali,Variali.
  • Rid-tobak 30ML MRP: Rs 750/- (Delivery charges Extra we deliver via Currier if available or Registered Post Parcel. Free Delivery for 0rders above Rs. 500)
  • Administration: Ridtobak has Drops. If an addict is using for him/herself than they can take 10 drops keep below tongue and swirl it for 2 minuets and than swallow. If you want to give it to him/her an addict without informing about Ridtobak than you may add it in food. This may take few days.

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